Location:  North Oregon Coast  Architecture:  BORA Architects  Construction:  Green Gables  Photography:  Tim Bies  Located right on the Pacific Ocean, this contemporary Oregon beach house was designed by BOORA Architects. The entire shell of the main house is a glass curtain wall attached to a steel moment frame. Above is a living roof contained by a copper paneled parapet with copper paneled soffits. The interior features top of the line finishes including honed basalt slab floors, rift sawn white oak paneled walls, and randomly patterned rift sawn white oak board ceilings. All systems are automated and state of the art.  The glass shell provides incredible ocean views to one side and beautiful Sitka Spruce forest views on the other. Both of these environments can be viewed simultaneously due to the absence of solid walls. Other noteworthy details include a rift sawn white oak clad waxed steel staircase, ceiling height sliding glass doors to an ocean side terrace, and a pivoting stainless steel and glass entry door which is effortlessly powered by hand with the aid of a system of exposed levers.
  Location:  Portland, OR  Exterior Architecture:  Jeffrey Miller  Interior Design:  Jessica Helgerson Interior Design  Construction:  Green Gables  Photography:  Aaron Leitz
  Location:  Portland, Oregon  Construction:  Green Gables  Architecture:  Green Gables (Remodel)  Interior Design:  Karol Niemi Associates  Photography:  Jeremy Bittermann
  Location:  Portland, Oregon  Architecture:  Skylab  Construction:  Green Gables  Photography:  Jeremy Bittermann
  Location:  Portland, OR  Architecture:  Olson Kundig  Construction:  Green Gables  Via Olson Kundig’s website: The simple, long bar plan and the spacing of the floor-to-ceiling windows provide both rigorous proportion and rhythm throughout the building. A lantern-like entry vestibule welcomes visitors to the house. The main level includes the primary living areas, an office, and a master suite. Views across the main axis from the courtyard to the south-facing balconies provide a strong connection to the outdoors. At the end of the bar, the master suite angles away from the rest of the house, taking in the best views and appearing to float in the trees.  A simple palette of materials—white marble, dark woods, natural-toned fabrics and sheer draperies—contributes to the serene elegance of the interiors. The many custom-designed furnishings include the master bed and side tables, bedroom bench and the fireplace tools.
  Location:  Lake Oswego, Oregon  Architecture:  Green Gables  Construction:  Green Gables  Photos:  Dave Davidson
  Location:  Portland, Oregon  Construction:  Green Gables  Architecture:  Jeffery Miller Architecture  A 1911 Portland Heights Historic Estate located on gated, level grounds surrounded by a breathtaking four mountain, city & river view. The extensive restoration and remodel by Jeff Miller, Architect and Green Gables included every modern amenity imaginable and beautiful original details renovated with the finest materials and craftsmanship.
  Location:  Portland, Oregon  Design:  Green Gables  Construction:  Green Gables  A first floor remodel and a second floor addition dramatically transformed an existing 1904 single level house into an open and light filled environment conducive to the lifestyle of a young family. Pulling the entire footprint of the house forward encourages the house to engage in activities along the sidewalk and schoolyard across the street while creating a larger private area in the back.  The interior is characterized by a simple and neutral material palette, highlighted by the exposed second floor joists and car decking assembly. The vaulted ceiling unifies the second floor, bringing in natural light and volume to the bedrooms and central loft area. Wood salvaged from the partial demolition of the existing house was re-milled and reused throughout the house as screens and other architectural elements.
  Location:  Portland, OR  Design:  Green Gables  Construction:  Green Gables  Photography:  Stefan Lerch  This modern ADU, located in the backyard of a SW hills home, is small, but conspicuous. Comprising a cozy 560 square feet, the efficient layout situates the private bedroom and bath to the rear of the home, allowing for a bright and open living area. Continuous clerestory windows bring in a generous amount of daylight, and the large accordion door allows the interior space to expand out onto the covered entry patio. Built-in cabinetry along the west wall adds to the functionality of the space, providing storage, seating and a workspace. Doug fir roof rafters are exposed on both the interior and exterior, emphasizing a clean structural layout while adding warmth and character throughout.